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Self-Care Series


We realize that although it is important to put aside work and family to focus on yourself for... at least 5 minutes, it is very easy to forget to do. So, we decided to start a series of prompts to gently remind you that you are gold to have been through what you did, and to remember to be kind to yourself.

You are welcome to download our prompts and post them on your social media. Tagging us would be great, but it's all up to you. We're on Facebook @lumicheofficial and on Instagram @lumiche_official.


We also post a prompt every few days on our FB and IG, so if you'd prefer to have a random prompt on your socials than have to choose from all this, do follow us! Feel free to reach out to say hello or tell us what you'd like to see—we would love to connect with you. Til then, flourish!

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