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Mother's Day 2020 Give Mom a Homemade Facial

Make mom feel like a queen this Mother's Day with a homemade facial. If you and I are overdue for pampering, we bet she is too. We are aware of the restriction of materials and movement during this time, so we've narrowed down this homemade facial to the essentials and it only involves 6 steps! This way, you can insert any extra touches especially tailored to your mom's liking.

The 6 Steps

Step 1 — Cleanse

Step 2 — Exfoliate

Step 3 — Steam

Step 4 — Apply Face Mask

Step 5 — Tone

Step 6 — Moisturize

Before we head into the how-to, we'd like you to know this is part of our Mother's Day 2020 Gift Guide, which we think you will enjoy. So do check it out! Without further ado...

How to Give a Homemade Facial

Level: Simple and essential

Time: 1 hour

You will need:

◦ A bowl of warm water

◦ Cleanser for your mom's skin type

Exfoliator for your mom's skin type

A bowl of very hot water

Face towels

Mom's favorite face mask

Toner for mom's skin type

Cotton pads

Moisturizer for mom's skin type

Before you begin:

Play some relaxing music to set the mood

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them

Get your mom in a comfortable position, either lying on her back or leaned back on an armchair

Find a comfortable position for you to give her the facial from

Step 1 — Cleanse

Why? We need to remove any makeup, dirt or excess oil on her skin to ensure it is ready to absorb the nourishment that it is going to get from the facial.

  • Get mom to rinse her face in warm water.

  • Starting from her chin, apply a pea-sized amount of cleanser and massage gently onto her skin in an upward, circular motion.

  • Wipe the cleanser off with a towel and cool water.

Step 2 — Exfoliate

Why? Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells that clogs pores. You'll notice your skin brightens up after exfoliation as it reveals the healthier layers of your skin.

  • Starting from her chin, apply a coin-sized amount of exfoliator and massage gently onto her skin in an upward, circular motion. Emphasis on gentleness! Please do not over-scrub her face.

  • Wipe the exfoliator off with a towel and cool water.

Step 3 — Steam

Why? Now that her skin is free of excess oil, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells, we want to relax her skin and open up the pores with some steam. This is so her skin can take in the goodness of the mask as well as release toxins. Be extra careful with this step.

  • Ask mom to sit up for a bit and lean over the bowl of very hot water, advise her to take caution not to put her face too close as it can be quite hot.

  • Place a towel over mom's head as she's leaned over to keep the steam in.

  • Steam for 5-10 minutes, during which if she feels the steam starting to cool, tell her to gently blow into the bowl to release more hot steam.

Step 4 — Apply Face Mask

Why? You've cleansed and prepped mom's skin. It's now time to nourish it for a good 20 minutes, or however long as stated on the instructions of mom's favorite face mask.

  • Bring mom back to her initial relaxed position and help her apply the face mask.

Some tips:

  • Always read the instructions

  • If using your fingers, make sure they're clean

  • Spread a thin layer of the mask evenly on her face

  • Avoid applying too close to her mouth or her eyes (use her cheekbones as a guide to how close you should go to her eyes)

  • If needed, wash the mask of thoroughly with cool water

Step 5 — Tone

Why? Toning closes your pores and at the same time removes any residues from either dirt or the mask you just applied. At the same time, toning prepares your skin to absorb hydration.

  • Use a cotton pad to apply toner to your mom's face.

  • Avoid the area around her eyes, using her cheekbones as a guide

  • Allow the toner to dry on its own

Step 6 — Moisturize

Why? We have just put your mom's skin through cleansing and nourishment, we want to lock in the benefits of your homemade facial and give her skin a boost to repair itself by ensuring her skin is hydrated. Moisturized skin is less prone to problems, damage, and wrinkle