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Lumiché Guilt-Free Kori Kohi Recipe

Photos & Videos by Paolo Konst

Beat some serious heat by making yourself a glass of Guilt-Free Kori Kohi! Our version of the favorite UCC drink of iced coffee cubes and warm milk.

Level: Easy

Time: Less than 5 minutes, with overnight prep

Servings: 1

You will need:

— An already mixed cup of Lumiché Guilt-Free Coffee (using 1 sachet)

— An ice tray

— A glass of warm milk

— Your favorite serving glass

Directions: 1. Pour your already mixed cup of Guilt-Free Coffee into an ice tray and evenly distribute 2. Leave ice tray in the freezer overnight or until the coffee has completely turned to ice 3. Pop the iced coffee cubes into your favorite serving glass 4. Pour in warm milk and enjoy

Our Favorite Tips and Variations

— Use your favorite type of warm milk to enjoy the Guilt-Free Kori Kohi with!

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