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Lumiché Guilt-Free Dalgona Coffee Recipe

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The internet has been raving about this coffee recipe and if you haven't tried making it in wait of a Guilt-Free version, well, here it is — the Lumiché Guilt-Free Dalgona Coffee Recipe.

It's an easy recipe made easier as our coffee already contains stevia, which is a sugar-free alternative. As for the whipping, it's a task best undertaken with gusto, unless you have an electric whisk or someone you're quarantined with that would willingly volunteer to whip the coffee for you! Without further ado...

Photos & Videos by Paolo Konst

Level: Easy Time: Under 15 minutes Servings: 1 You will need: 2 sachets Lumiché Guilt-Free Coffee

1 glass low-fat milk

A whisk 4 tablespoons hot water ­­ Directions: 1. Empty 2 sachets of Lumiché Guilt-Free Coffee into 4 tablespoons hot water 2. Whip until you reach a creamy consistency 3. Top off your glass of milk with the whipped coffee Our Favorite Tips and Variations — Top your Lumiché Guilt-Free Dalgona Coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon, honey or biscuit crumbs If you tried this recipe, let us know about it on our socials FB / IG / Youtube or even in the comments section below! Also, be sure to like our page for updates as we have a little something for you for Easter. Til then, flourish!

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