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Our Favorite Routines for a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hello Luminscents!

Our team sat together one day and we shared some of our healthy routines and lifestyle. Hands down, we all picked having a cup (or two!) of Guilt-Free Coffee daily as a shared favorite! Why?

1. With only one cup, you can already enjoy the goodness of ten healthy ingredients.

2. Just like supplements, with just one tablet, we've remembered to take them all.

3. It's coffee that doesn't make you palpitate!

We had a few more reasons thrown around but by then it was so deeply ingrained in juicy stories that we decided to save it for later :)

Have you tried our Guilt-Free Coffee? If not, drop us a message here! We have some starter kits for you to try. How about you? Can you share your healthy lifestyle?

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