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Easter Games 2020 Winner

We hope your Easter weekend was filled with merry-making and keeping in-touch with important friends and family despite social-distancing and quarantine measures. We ran our very first Easter Games on the website between April 10-14 and it was wonderful to see the amount of participation!

Although only one can reign victorious in this year's edition of the Lumiché Easter Games, all of our participants are winners and we'd like you to please scroll to the end of this post because we need just a little bit more information about you so we can reward you for your efforts once we've brushed up our little surprise.

With that said, thank you for your participation, we hope to see you for our Easter Games 2021...

Congratulations, Jariel, you have won yourself a free Guilt-Free Coffee Starter Kit! We will reach out to you for instructions on how to claim your prize.

As for the rest of our participants, we'll be reaching out to each of you via your emails, so please check them!

More great news — our nationwide Summer Sale is here! Get 10% OFF our Guilt-Free Coffee Box of 28 from April 15 - May 15, 2020!


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That said, do check back here for more lifestyle tips and please share our articles with your friends so we can build a community of individuals supporting one another. Til then, flourish!

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