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At Home: Quick Emergency Plan

Welcome to our At Home series! Where we share tips about home organization and planning. We're kicking the series off with a Mother's Day gift for all of you—a FREE Quick Emergency Plan printable!

Your family may not be together when a calamity occurs, so it is vital that you all sit down together to come up with an emergency preparedness plan. This handy 2-page Quick Emergency Plan printable is a good place to start. Print it out, fill it up and give each family member a copy to put up in their room.

As mentioned, this printable is free to download, so please share this post with your friends and follow us on FB @lumicheofficial or on IG @lumiche_official so you don't miss out on the new goodies for our At Home series.

Til the next update, flourish!

At Home_In Case of Emergency
Download PDF • 1.12MB

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