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5 Ways to Safeguard Yourself from COVID-19

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

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Photo by @Curology on Unsplash

With the current global pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Governments have taken stringent measures to prevent large crowds and gatherings by locking down cities and asking citizens to #stayhome to #flattenthecurve—slow the spread of the virus and give health systems all around the world time to tackle the existing cases.

With the daily increase in COVID-19 cases and casualties, so has the number of alleged preventive measures against the virus. However, be wary for some of them are untrue and can just cause unnecessary panic. We’ve done some clarification work for you and at the time of writing this article, here are the best things you can do on a personal level to safeguard yourself from the virus.

— Wash your hands with soap and water

— Keep your immune system healthy

— Practice social distancing

— Disinfect counters, doorknobs, phones and tables frequently

— Wear a face mask if you are sick or caring for someone who is

This video best explains the Coronavirus — simply and with cute visuals <3

Here are a few sources of information we trust and often check back to:

1. COVID-19 Advice for the Public: Myth busters — WHO

2. Coronavirus Disease 2019: Myth vs Fact — John Hopkins Medicine

3. Your coronavirus emergency kit — Al Jazeera

That said, Luminescents, do keep safe, stay informed and check your sources!

On a lighter note, what have you been up to during this period of quarantine? Any passion projects that have been revived or newly started on?

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